Playing with Words: an introduction to creative writing

What is meant by ‘creative writing’? Will I be any good at it? These two questions are our common starting point in this introductory course designed to teach you a few useful craft skills, ranging from getting a workable idea to adopting a point of view, to understanding how genre influences plot, character and style. […]

The Writer’s Tool Kit

Fiction’s purpose is to create a continuous and engaging dream in the mind of a reader. This course looks closely at the key craft skills writers use, unpacking complex ideas in a creative and practical way. Topics include to finding and honing your own voice as a writer, understanding and successfully using point of view, […]

Gain an insight to some of the most famous researcher’s, experiments and case studies in the field of psychology

Are you fascinated by Psychology? This course offers insight into some of the famous researcher’s, experiments and case studies that have helped to shape the field of psychology as we know it today. Learn about the lives and research of Skinner, Pavlov, Freud, Piaget, Bandura, Milgram, and Loftus. Explore famous experiments from psychology, Pavlov’s Dog, […]