Guide to refill a printer cartridge

The increased demand for HP ink cartridges NZ has really taken it to a new place. This is a matter of great appreciation at the same time. If you notice that the printer is to be refilled then there are certain steps that must be followed in every aspect. If required then it is better to consult a good storekeeper as they are well equipped in this field. The only tool that is required in this case is a bottle of printer-ink and a syringe that will make the whole process much smoother and easier.

Step 1:

  • The first step is that you can buy such a syringe and bottle printer-ink from a good store. Try to buy it from reputed stores as that will be far better and wise.
  • 1ml disposable syringe along with a small needle will be far better and economical too.
  • The refill method of ink printer is always the same.

Step 2:

  • You will notice that there is a black spot on the white sticker that is covering the top cover of the cartridge. It should be observed minutely. Under the black spot, there is a hole through which the ink can be injected into the cartridge.
  • If you wish, you can also peel off the sticker for locating the hole. On the other side, you can also try to pierce the black spot with the assistance of a small needle and that will be a good idea in this case.

Step 3:

  • In this step, the user has to slowly draw the ink into the syringe slowly and inject the hole into it. The size of the needle is very small, so if you put the ink very quickly, then you can create air-gaps. Afterward, air gaps can block the ink cartridge. So, make sure that there are no air bubbles in the syringe.
  • As refilling is a very messy job so be very sure that you are using a piece of cloth while carrying out the work.
  • Once the cartridge is filled with ink it takes about a few hours to be set. By this time, the ink will set in the bottom of the syringe. The sponge is located exactly inside the cartridge and it is very hard to view it. In fact, many times the user cannot identify it easily. It may take some time for locating the same.

Refilling of the cartridge is not at all a tough job, but rather an easy one. The only thing required is proper awareness and knowledge about the proper steps that are associated with each other. If anyone follows the above mentioned steps, then it will be a very easy job to do the refilling work. If, however, it is not at all possible for you then it is better to take the assistance of some experienced people who have good knowledge about the work. They can easily help you out of this issue within less time.