Analyse and discuss the effectiveness of the political marketing in the 2017 general election

This course  will assess the effectiveness of the Labour and National Party’s political marketing. Delivered by a world expert, the course will explain best practice principles in strategy, tactics and communication, and give course participants the opportunity to rate how well the main parties have played the political marketing game.

Course outline

As we head into a new election this course aims to make course participants aware of what will most influence the election. Delivered by a world expert in political marketing, the course will reveal the real story behind the opinion polls and assess the effectiveness of the Labour and National Party’s political marketing over the past 3 years.

Major topics include:

  1. What political marketing is really about – the importance of the product and behaviour over 3 years, not just the campaign
  1. Best practice in political marketing – core theories on aspects such as:
  • Strategy: the product they offer, their leadership and party brand, delivery competence, and market-orientation/overall responsiveness to the public
  • Communication: PR, relationship-building and delivery
  • Tactics: targeting and advertising
  1. Assessment of the behaviour of the two main parties against those principles
  • Including class participant ratings of how well the two parties have played the political marketing game

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course participants will:

  • Understand that political marketing is not just about campaigns
  • Be aware of a wide range of political marketing activities and approaches and be able to spot them during media coverage of the campaign
  • Appreciate the best practice in political marketing
  • Critically assess the effectiveness of political marketing by the National and Labour Party
  • Be fully informed about the factors that influence election success
  • Be more engaged with the 2017 New Zealand general election

Who should attend?

  • Those who are interested in the 2017 General Elections
  • Aspiring and existing practitioners involved in campaigns, advising politicians and councillors
  • Aspiring politicians interested in politics
  • Students of politics, journalism, communication

About the presenter

Jennifer Lees-Marshment, PhD

Jennifer Lees-Marshment is an Associate Professor in political science at The University of Auckland in New Zealand. Author/editor of 13 books, Jennifer is a world expert in political marketing with additional research interests in public input, leadership, and governance.

Jennifer teaches the practice of politics, political management and political marketing and has interviewed over 200 political elites including 100 interviews with political marketing practitioners in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand including advisors to world leaders Kevin Rudd, Helen Clark, Tony Blair, George W Bush and Stephen Harper. She regularly engages in media commentary and was academic advisor to TVNZ’s Vote Compass in the 2014 New Zealand election. See for further details or email

Recommended reading

Seen as supplementing the course but not compulsory

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Lees-Marshment, JenniferPolitical marketing: principles and applications 2nd revised edition2014Routledge – see
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